How to Buy

How do I place an order on Payeefy?

Shopping on Payeefy is easy ! Once you have found the product you want to buy, just follow the steps below:

  • Open Payeefy.com App/Website.
  • Put the item title on“Search Bar”.
  • Click on the image of your desired item & Click on“Buy Now”.
  • Click on“View Cart”(Add quantity if required) & click on“Checkout Button”.
  • Enter your registered Email Id & Password.
  • Enter your personal details like (Name/Contact Number/Shipping Address with City).
  • Confirm the order details and select your“Mode of Payment”.
  • Click on“Place Order”.
  • Your Order number will appear on your screen.

Congratulations! your order has been placed.

My payment was processed successfully but I didn't get any order confirmation. What should I do?

Please get in touch with us so we can look into the matter. You can reach our team 24/7.

Just email us at support@payeefy.com or contact us via Live Chat

Why am I having trouble placing products in the cart?

If you are having trouble placing or adding products in your cart, please make sure that you have made all relevant size and color selections.

If you still have problems, this may mean that the item you are trying to buy is sold out. Please get in touch with our Customer Support Team. You can reach our team via email or Live Chat.

How do I remove an item from my shopping cart?

To remove an item from your shopping cart, please follow these steps:


Step 1 – Go to your“Cart”.

Step 2 – Slide to left on the item you want to“Delete” or you can add into your “Wishlist”.

Step 3 – Select the desired option.




Step 1 – Go to your“Cart”.

I haven't received the invoice for my order.

A hard copy of the invoice should always be sent along with your order.

If you have not received an invoice.

Please check your inbox, we’ve also send your invoice on your registered email address within 24 hours once your order is marked delivered on our system.

Note: You are requested to check your Inbox/ Spam/ Junk tabs on your email address, still if you didn’t receive your invoice, feel free to contact us via email or Live Chat.

Do I need an account to shop on Payeefy?

Yes, having a Payeefy account helps us to make your shopping experience fast, secure and convenient. You can create your own Payeefy account

Can I call Payeefy to place an order?

Unfortunately, our customer service representatives are unable to place an order.

However, placing an order on Payeefy is really simple, and we would love for you to try it out for yourself! Simply create and account, select what you are looking for and pay!

My order is delayed. What should I do?

We are sorry that your order is delayed.

You can follow its progress by entering your tracking number on our tracking portal. If the status has not changed in a while, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team.

You can reach our team 24/7 at Support@payeefy.com or you can contact us through Live Chat.

Do I need to provide CNIC number if no item is equal or above PKR 50,000 but overall basket value is?

The CNIC number requirement is only applicable if the order value is equal or more than 50,000.

Since when it been the requirement to share CNIC number?

As of 1st August 2019, it’s mandatory for customers to provide CNIC number for the record-keeping purpose for all such items equal to or above PKR 50,000 from the same seller as per the directives of Federal Board of Regulation.

What if I do not provide CNIC number?

As per the directives of FBR, it is mandatory for you to provide your CNIC number before the order can be processed otherwise it will lead to cancellation.

Whose CNIC do I need to provide?

It is mandatory for you to provide your own CNIC number as per FBR directives and no substitutes will be considered for processing the order.

Which orders need CNIC number?

All orders equal to or more than the value of PKR 50,000 requires CNIC number to be processed.

To whom will my CNIC the number will be shared with?

As per the direction of FBR, the CNIC numbers will be shared with them if and when required.

Why CNIC is required?

The Federal Board of Revenue has notified provisions making it mandatory for ordinary citizens to share Computer National Identity Card number in case of purchase over Rs:50,000/- from a registered sales tax seller



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